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When your close your eyes, is it hell you see?

I'm so lonely lately...
I called my ex last night.
It was nice to talk to him again.
I think I will call him again tonight.
Last night he said he hated being alone.
I told him I did too.
I think we might get back together soon.
Unless he still feels the same about the distance.
I hope not. I don't want to be alone anymore.
Wish me luck?
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Good luck ^_^
Yeah this is a bit late. I just haven't been up to date on checking my friends pages and what not. Also been trying to not be online as much so it makes it be behind. Meh, it happens right? But still I wish you luck. :)
Haha. It happens a lot.
And, we are together now.
I'm so very happy.
I haven't cut in a week and a day now...
:] <3