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Hey everyone, I know you all don't remember me, lol.  Just thought I would say sorry for not being quite as active as some of you people here.  I haven't felt lonely in a while, but I haven't forgotten about the 1st community that I've joined.  Here's something that I've done, comments pwease?


I'm ready and willing
Dying and trying
I've opened up
All over your new carpet
I'm sorry
A little bleach may help the stain
But it sinks down deep
Like a disease
Forgive me
My heart is suffocating
Loneliness penetrating
Come home
I'm spilling myself
All over your favorite sheets
I can't help it
Sleeping in your bed when you're gone
Makes me feel safe
Just like you
I wear your shirt
Just to feel you
I'm sorry
The shirt is wrinkled
From a sleepless slumber
But it smells
Like the scent of comfort
Like you
And I know
You won't be long
But I want you here now
Please forgive me
If I seem
Just a little too
But I need you more and more
And I know you adore me too
With your eyes of blue
How I admire
That look on your face
That fire in your eyes
I'm sorry
But I miss you
With every breath
That you're gone
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