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So I'm new here. I saw the banner on bloodandtears, so I came, checked it out, and joined. I'm in love with love. I love to be in love, and to be loved. I just love love. Period. So I guess I'm in the right place, eh?

So I 'spose I will tell you all a little about myself. My name is Anna. I'm 15. A freshmen, and it sucks pretty bad. I really onlt have like three close friends, and one of them still goes to the middle school, and one goes to a different school compleatly. So it's really messed up. I've been hurt in the past by a guy I rally loved, and he caused me major depression. But I don't blame love. I still love love. I'm just looking for the right person to love.

Fare-the-well fellow lovers,
<3 Anna.
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